Market Research: A Picker in Training

I’m a picker in training. Part of  what I would like to be able to encourage in a market environment is offering a space for treasure rescue. I was trained in school to reduce, reuse and recycle. The vintage movement offers an opportunity to find quality furniture, vintage clothing, jewelry, and all sorts of unique odds and ends. Most in my family are farming folk, so I have been searching through old barns and other out buildings most of my life. It is like being on an archaeological hunt; Junk, junk, TREASURE!

Junk pile

At my dad’s newly acquired farm in Saskatchewan, I was playing the role of Indiana Jones. First, I backed off as the area of interest that I was investigating, because it was under unfriendly control. The neighbors junk pile was being rummaged through by a skunk… and my dad’s bathtub kinda needs a major restoration. I waited until morning to resume my search for precious items, in this case soda bottles from the 50’s through to the 70’s. After hours of kneeling in rotten metal cans and God knows what, I had rescued 2 bags of potential precious bottles, and some other possibilities. The hub of a wooden wheel with some broken spokes(more popular in the spring with Stampede fever), and a ceramic insulator(not as popular in recent years).

Next was the tour of the out buildings. This produced things such as a tin sign, old chains, rotten leather, old car parts, a dovetailed ink crate, and various pieces of junktiques. Hopefully finding a market with Halloween enthusiasts.

Outbuilding findOutbuilding find2

Also cats… so many cats and kittens!

Cats, cats and more cats

Cats, cats and more cats

Country Internet does not have the same speed as my urban speed, so it’s off to home to research clean and price, and hopefully market these pieces.

All I have to do is pack the car with kids, junk, and make a planned stopover for a potential sale on the way home. I make a two hour detour and find success, and the gas money for my trip home is paid for!  This adventure leads me back home to a flurry of interviews, then inventory exchanges with my picking mentor and I manage to convince myself that I have nothing of note to blog about.

I put some new pictures and ads on Kijiji and did some research on the items, went to Momentum and did interviews with program facilitators, signed my eldest up for school, and started cleaning some of the bottles that I had found.

Bottle cleaning

Some months are more full then others… Did I mention the antiques sale that I had a table at today? Either way I’m past due for an update on this site, and I need to keep a log of my progress on getting my market underway.

Today showed some profit from my work. I didn’t make a fortune, but I made some contacts, and my desire to share this journey has been renewed. So thank you for following my journey and I will endeavor to keep you entertained, and informed of my venture.

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