The last couple of weeks

The drive to the first Momentum orientation was interesting. I walked out into a welcomed stormy wind. With tornado warnings and having seen the funnel cloud forming, the impending simple straight forward rain storm was a little invigorating. I was wrong. I started driving and in less then a minute the hail was so bad that everyone was pulled over. I missed the opportunity to invite a passerby to dodge the storm in my car. When the hail let up I started driving again and was driving down a new riverbed. The hail had blocked the storm drains, and the water was rushing down the street.

I’m going to add a video of the street, after I edit it, here.

While trying to find an alternate path to the orientation, I spotted a woman with a walker trying to walk home. The streets were not friendly to start with, so I offered her a ride home, which she gratefully accepted, after negotiation 17th with no lights I got her home, and then went to the Momentum offices. There were local residence directing traffic around a new lake right next to the office, and I managed to get through and find a parking stall, just in time. I tried to get into the building but the doors were locked. The staff opened the doors to let me know there was a leak and the orientation was canceled. I heard a waterfall in there.

Instead of going straight home, I drove a man to the c-train and drove another home, then it was off to my home again. My family safe and sound, but the power had been knocked out.

The next day we rescheduled the meeting, and I made that one with no extra adventures. There were lots of great opportunity’s and I will be looking into which of the courses fit into the new school year!

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