I just got an amazing opportunity!

In the first post, I mentioned the process of starting a venture like this was driving in a rush hour traffic jam. I just got a break! I met up with Erin of Momentum and we had a wonderful chat. She didn’t have a signed lease to the building, but lots of little pieces that lead up to it!

Erin was a wonderful resource for just about every aspect from connecting me to spaces to get my feet wet on organizing market events to connecting me with education to help me with the paper aspects of the business. I was so impressed by this woman who is working to bring ethics back to business. I left the meeting with air in my lungs.

There comes a time when you should shut up and shake a hand and say good-bye… for better or worse, I never seem to do that. Asking personal questions about her life experience I was only more impressed. Finally the time was set and I said good-bye, but it still felt like there was too much space in the air around me. Have you ever felt like there was so much potential in the space around, you needed to put a mark on it? Mural painters must feel this way with every large unadorned space they see. While there is a beauty in blank spaces, like walls in a gallery, there must be variety to inspire.

I have the list of dates for the orientation, but I am preoccupied by a family matter. I am hoping for the best outcome. It should be decided by the 28th of June. Until then I’m sure I will be a basket case, and I’m trying to do small things.

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