My visit to the Calgary New Age Market

Naturally Unique stand and one of the market organizers

Naturally Unique stand and one of the market organizers

I had the pleasure of going to this market when it first started. It is a much different market from what I envision for what I am working to build. Building a market is something they have done over the last two years, so I went down to check out what Amanda and George had created.

We haven’t had a chance to really talk shop, it really wasn’t the right environment but we are in

Fifth Avenue Collection

Fifth Avenue Collection

contact now. The market is held once a month on a Saturday at the Hillhust/Sunnyside Community Center (1320 5 Ave NW Calgary, Alberta). While I was there I spoke to some of the vendors about their experiences with other markets and what they were looking for in a market space. Also got some nice pics of their table set ups. It’s always so inspiring to talk to entrepreneurs. Every one has a similar goal but

Little P's Pots

Little P’s Pots

there are so many paths, each one takes, to create their own success.

While there were many tables that caught my eye I took just a few pics so I wouldn’t get in the way of their business.

Elemental Illusions, has beautiful work and there is an extra bit of magic when you can



actually see the work being done while you watch!

This isn’t my first time seeing Little P’s Pots the Kid has been doing these awesome pieces for a while now, hmmmm… wonder if my daughter has a talent like this?

There are some people who have created their own products and there are people who are

Handycraft Creations on facebook Hand Crafted by Cathy Ziegler

Handycraft Creations on facebook Hand Crafted by Cathy Ziegler

selling lines from others. While I didn’t get many pictures of people who were offering readings they can be found at this market as well.

The set up is very spacious and from what I have seen of the Hillhurst/Sunnyside Flea Market on Sundays I am given to the understanding that this is due to fire code.

When I’ve been doing my calculations I have given one have of the the space I’m working with to walkways and it looks like I”m not far off.

Selest Harberstock and Mary-ann Gaudreau

Mary-Ann Gaudreau of Miche and Selest Harberstock of stella & dot

Janet Snelgrove

Janet Snelgrove

While reading about other market organizers another notion has been entered into the mix which is that I need to be careful about the types of vendor that I let into the market. Obviously I need to exclude anyone who has intentions of selling illegal goods, but beyond that I need to sort out what kind of image will work best for the International Ave market.

I have some great ideas about the layout and the physical look of the place. With supplies and some work it can be quite visually spectacular. The feel however may need more planning then I am comfortable with at this time. Generally I like an organic evolution when it come to the vibe of a place, but there are way to nurture the experience you want to give, and that will have to be a focus of my research now.

Janet Snelgrove little cupcakes and sushi

Janet made the cutest little cup cakes and sushi boxes out of baby clothes and little blankets and wash clothes… Soooooo cute!

While talking to the vendors I heard the same story, that a lot of markets will not take people who are selling cosmetic lines or other party lines.

I love the concept of everything being home made, but I don’t see why I would exclude a home based business (and those ones are expensive to get into). Granted there would have to be a mix.

I have also been in contact with the city of Calgary permits office, to find out what I need toThe Guru Mama Center run the Classic Tailgate Sale. There was a consensus in the office that due to the fact that the location can be moved so easy that everyone attending would need a $700 licence to participate in the sale. Not gonna happen that way, I know that much. For a regular market permit, at this time, I am looking at a little over $300, which mean I will need at least enough

YYC Growers and Distributors Society

YYC Growers and Distributors Society

space to hold 50 cars, and lets hope the rent on the parking lot isn’t too excessive.  Another idea has been placed before me in that I may be able to get use of city property to run the event. There is a place that would work very well if that could be pulled off.

Dusty Ray

Well, that’s about enough for right now. I want to put out a special thank you to Dusty Rea, for helping to connect me to all the great contacts and letting me know about the Great in Greater Forest Lawn event!

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