Due to technical issues:

Randomly a tec from our internet service provider asked to enter our yard yesterday afternoon. What a pleasant surprise! We have a hub in our back yard and this was the first time in years that permission was asked. While the tec was working our internet went down… okay he’s working, we can handle a couple of minutes without our phone and internet… ummm it’s been a couple of minutes, let’s ask him how long this is going to be – he’s gone. Half an hour of waiting on my cell (daytime minutes are limited) and I find out that there is no information on why this happened. The same tec should be giving us a call that evening but, no one calls (maybe he called the house phone and got a busy signal cause that’s broken too).

I`m writing this off-line, while my cell phone is on speaker, playing bad ‘on hold’ music interjected with a recording of a rep letting me know about all their great support systems online… arggggggggg

Sorry if I have missed your email or call, but it looks like my services call is scheduled for tomorrow evening. Still kinda wished I had been called for that update instead of having to call it in.  I do have a laptop, so I can travel and post and check in on my email. So I guess this has been a lesson to me. Call people or email them even if it’s bad news or a delay… I haven’t always been great about that kinda stuff in the past but when someone else’s schedule depends on your input, you need to keep them informed.

I haven’t been slouching while the internet was down. We have been fixing up the house, I took my daughter to the hospital (she’s okay), both the kids to a b-day party and now I’m visiting with family… and using their internet. I should get more visiting in, so I’ll post this and get back to it.

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