I Have Many Talented Friends, So I’m Networking

When working in real estate, we were encouraged to wear our badges, and let everyone we knew that we were in real estate sales. “Don’t be a secret agent!” (this was back when I could be called a real estate agent rather than associate) Instead of trying to quietly work on the back-end, of this, before I present it, and be armed with all my paperwork, I have acted. So far, I have blundered forward and been loud and charming, and have received a lot of new contacts for my effort. Now that I’ve got people thinking though, it’s probably time to show ’em i’m not just another pretty face.

I called a friend who has had some success in business and even helped put together an event or two. He didn’t feel that his knowledge was all that relevant to my idea, but he was willing to chat. Well, he was an awesome fountain of information. He helped me tame some of my expectations, confirmed what I knew about the market spaces in Calgary were not that outta date. He also let me know that him and his wife are in the process of buying an existing business, but he’s under contract not to tell what it is. This guy is a wonderful conversationalist, and I know that it’s killing him as much as it would be killing me, not to tell anyone what it is. They been working on this deal for about two years, and in that time have come across some great resources.

The Business Development Bank of Canada (www.BDC.ca), is the first place I have gone. There are tons of things on this site that let you sort out what you need to get funding, and to help develop a solid business plan. He also let me know that I should look up an executive summary template. Filling this out will give me and others a better definition of what I’m trying to accomplish.

I have been working on it, and have been working with my creativity to fill out the standard business form to my idea.

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