The July 9th 2015 Best of The East Stampede Breakfast Pancake Breakfast

3am that’s when I got to sleep, 7am that’s when I woke up. I didn’t dare close my eyes, not even to blink, until I was standing. I have been trained for 4 years by my two wonderful daughters to operate usefully, if not super quick, on reduced sleep. My hubby who was going to drive me down woke up, then fell back to sleep. I let him sleep. He had watched our girls the entire day before and they tuckered him right out.

A quick bath, make-up to cover my dark circles, and I was out the door. I arrived later than I would have liked and as I was opening my trunk, Kate pulled in behind me. We loaded ourselves up and Kate proudly held up the box holding the toy cars, commenting on how it was great that such a sturdy box had a second use. I’m guessing you know what happened next. Whoosh, the bottom of the box opened up and over one hundred little cars spilled out onto the curb. Kate handed off the rest of what she was holding, and set to recovering the toys, while I hurried up to the breakfast site.

The breakfast had not started yet and I got to set down the boxes right next to where we ended up setting up. By the time I got my set up instructions, Kate had arrived. We shared a table with two ladies who were informing the public about the Calgary transit initiative to add bus lanes to improve transit in the area.

The mini parking lot out in the sun

The mini parking lot out in the sun

The little parking lot took form and the cars looked great! My pitch was sloppy though and I felt so unprepared without any of our posters, and printed material. I didn’t have any contact cards printed (and when checking on this site that night, discovered the contact me page was not auto populated, oops). I was trying to get people to fill out the survey I had printed while they were waiting in line… but like I said before, my creativity slows down when I’m a bit tired. Super Kate to the rescue. She was a spectacular advocate, survey gatherer, and all round champ. I went and got the coffee and breakfast.Survey filled

Kate working hard and looking goodI listen to her pitch and adopted it for my own. Making kids happy, by giving them little cars, and fridge magnets, and adults happy the same way, I soldiered forward. By the end of it, there were not enough surveys done(just over 50), but I met some more great contacts!

Rebecca holding flowersDuring clean up, Alison brough us beautiful flower bouquets and I realized how long the day had been. New boots, were killing my feet. My body ached and Kate had left to make an appointment. I trekked back to the car, loaded it up and came home.

When I got home, my hubby sent me off for a bath and bed after helping me take off my boots. He unloaded the car for me, put the flowers in water, and brough me brunch in bed. So I’m feeling spoiled and happy, while I write this.  I hope you enjoyed the breakfast as much as I did.

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