Classic Tailgate Sale

Classic Car Fridge Magnets

Classic Car Fridge Magnets

There I was at the International Ave BRZ office (Business Revitalization Zone),  picking up the check I was awarded. Woot! $300! I also ended up being able to get in a bit of a meeting with Alison, the Executive Director of the International Ave BRZ. She made some great suggestions, and I almost immediately rejected them. This was a mistake, I know because after a restless night I emailed her humbly and asked to take her suggestions, to do a survey at a pancake breakfast, and look into a ‘car boot sale’. Of course the next day was Canada day, and I had to wait… waiting again.

She said “Yes!” and off I go writing up a survey then two, then splitting one so it looked like three, asking all sorts of information for me and others. I was typing like one possessed, and I submitted my proposals, for all of my fantastic concepts of how the future International Ave could look… So Alison didn’t say I was possessed, however she made some suggestions, and I calmed down reviewed my goals and striped away anything not immediately relevant.

The first objective is to make a memorable impression at the pancake breakfast. The second is to get awareness and support for a car boot sale. When looking into the history of car boot sales, wiki had mentioned that trunk sales from Canada had inspired the events. I asked my husband if he knew about them. He let me know that, of course, he had attended tailgate sales in the area when he was a kid. So in keeping with the history of the ave, I want to call it a tailgate sale, but to add a historical reference, Classic Tailgate Sale. To further the feel I want to be able to invite classic car owners to come and show off their automotive masterpieces. I intend on offering classic car pricing to help encourage people to polish up their garage gems and bring them out to shine!

To get people in the know about my project, I’m passing out over 100 vintage mini toy autos, and some fridge magnets, featuring some lovely pics of classic cars, with this blog address on them. This will be the swag incentive to fill out my little survey. The back of some of the magnets have pieces of orange pin stripes on them so I can create a little parking lot. This will give a bit of a visual, though I didn’t get my little people and their sale items made, it will still be pretty cool.

Mini parking lot and mess

Mini parking lot and mess

I was inspired the day before the pancake breakfast and have been spending the entire day and some of my funding (or most of it), getting my display ready. I made a call for help, and was rewarded with a small army of volunteers. Ayu is a genius at the detailed well organised manufacturing. Kate is on board for table and crowd walking. Forest was a machine at the card peel and stick. So everything important actually got done!

Kate sharpening the midnight pencil

Kate sharpening the midnight pencil

I’m not great in the heat and made a mistake with the ink purchase, and got two color inks for the printer instead of color and black, so we ran out of ink before all of my posters and stuff were printed. This could be a pretty bad mistake, if we end up running out of cards, which seems likely at this event. Having said that I’m gonna have to go with plan B, and just give‘er.

Now I’m just finishing this blog for posting in the wee hours of the morning before my early day tomorrow, filled with pancakes and much coffee. So big smiles and fun for the pancake breakfast, and did I mention coffee?

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